SuperVlieg - SuperMouche - SuperFly

Yesterday we went to Supervlieg - SuperMouche in the beautiful park of Vorst in Brussels. Supervlieg is theater, circus, music, dance and visual arts to experiment with themselves and to enjoy together with other kids, as well as adults. There were wonderful things like a very original carousel, a moose made out of recycled materials, a remote controlled aquarium car (with a big collection of special effects) and the smallest outdoor cinema mounted on a vintage car. So many interactive objects to trigger kids' imagination, which is very important in my opinion - in a time where fantasy is less and less triggered as they can see and look up everything on internet and teevee. It's good to expose kids to things that require complete 'out of the box' thinking. Maybe Petti is still too small to get all that, but she had a good time discovering new things and playing and being outside with other kids. And for us, adults, it was good to meet up with our friends and little J & to reconnect with the child within.