Petti's 2nd Birthday Garden Party

Yesterday we hosted our little girl's second birthday party in our garden. I cannot believe she is already 2 years old. We decided to have 'an almost all home baked' buffet with the following on the menu:
Vanilla & chocolate muffins - strawberry donuts* - apple and hazelnut cake - Victorian sponge cake - brownie mini muffins - a blueberry & raspberry almond cake- chocolate chip cookies and pink macarons*; The weather was on our side and our friends and family were there. (And we were lucky enough to have Lolo's sister and her family with us from France to celebrate this birthday)
She was so spoilt with all the presents. I think it was all a bit overwhelming for her with all the presents and the people and all the attention, but we all had a good afternoon. Thanks!
And a Happy Birthday to my baby tomorrow, we love you so, so much!
(If you wanna see her 1st Bday Party, go here)

Most of the accessories from the Belle & Boo series.
Halyard by StudioKidenKo