My heart skipped a beat

Sometimes I forget the value of travelling a little bit and my experiences, until something stupid catches my eyes, or my ear and shoots me back to that particular travel. Like last week I heard an Indonesian song on tv, and my heart skipped a beat, as this melody represents everything Indonesia for me. Or yesterday I was eating US BBQ chips and the taste of it reminded it me so much of our travels in the United States, that I physically missed the country and being there and driving around.
Travelling (as opposed to 'going on holiday') captures your soul, even if you do not see the value of it at the moment itself, because you are sleeping in a dirty hostel, or sharing a bathroom with 2 cockroaches, or missing your boyfriend - it enriches you in a way that almost nothing else will do.
Yesterday we were at a wonderful zoo here in Belgium and they had built an Indonesian village that really resembled the real thing, with the same smell, feel and all of a sudden I had the biggest smile on my face, cherishing all memories of my travels. I hope Olivia will have the same sentiment towards travelling, because it puts things into perspective and makes you love life even more.
Time to make a new travel bucket list.