Chasse aux Oeufs

The Easter Bunny came again this week, so Olivia and her cousin could hunt for chocolate eggs together. I found these little DIY signs on the internet and I thought they were so cute to help the littles find their goodies. Olivia rather eats chocolate than hunt for chocolate, so when she finds an egg she first eats it before going to find another one, maybe that's says a lot about her life philosophy :) But both girls are mad about chocolate, that's for sure.

La Petite Jardinière

This weekend we spent a lot of time in the garden, getting things clean (danku bompa) and planting new life in the form of herbs, beans, carrots, salad, tomatoes and spinach. Olivia turned out to be a great help and showed a lot of interest in all the things we were doing. I think for next year we well get her very own square meter of vegetable garden that she can take care of.
Just look at that face, our little jardinière.
(and yes, the white trousers you will see were not one of my best ideas)

Good vibes

Some family quality time in the spring sun, with blossoms all around us and a good vibe within us.
And a child that is very eager to discover the world.
So beautiful to watch her grow every day. It makes us so happy & proud to be her parents.

The 3L Syndrome Easter Brunch 2014

Easter with family, good food and lots of chocolate for O.
On the brunch menu this time:
Mini quiches with fresh herbs and bacon
American pancakes
Cold cuts, smoked salmon,cheeses and bread
Mini muffins with zucchini and goats' cheese
Juices and bubbles
Feta & Ricotta tomato salad
Parma ham with a duxelle of mushrooms, shallots and truffle oil
Home made hot cross buns with cranberries and chocolate (made from scratch - traditional Easter pastry)