About Happiness...& the seaside

I was reading an article this week about happiness (based on a study Time Magazine conducted) concluding that for the biggest part we are responsible for our own happiness. I believe (when you are healthy) that this is true. We are responsible and I think this is one of our biggest tasks in life. I always have to think about something I saw on tv were they asked a kid what she wanted to be when she grew up and she answered: Happy! The questioner said: I think you didn't understand the question correctly... The question is: who didn't understand the question correctly...
The 6 steps to being happy are apparently: (1) having good relations with people,(2) doing what you love and loving what you do, (3) don't keep doing a boring job, because it is an attack on your perception of happiness (4)plan things that make you happy and stick to them (5) give (to other people, work, relations), but not too much because then you loose sight of what really makes you happy and (6) a good childhood helps. I am glad to say that I had a very good childhood and because of that, I had a fair shot in becoming happy. Some points are a work in progress, I guess - when on others I feel like I do pretty well. Our intention is to give Petti that great start in life, a good childhood, so she is confident enough to fulfil the other 5 conditions by herself.

(Photos taken at the Belgian coast, this weekend - great spring day & weekend with family -> (4) plan your happiness)