Sunday in the woods

Lazy Sundays always feel that little bit better when you do get out and actually do something. So instead of staying in our pajamas all day we got into the car and drove to a nearby wood to go for a little early spring walk. I did not count on so much mud and I did forget about O's 'little' tantrums lately, where she throws herself on the ground, kicking her little legs in the air, like a sweet little snow angel gone crazy (see last picture). Well, let's say the first half of the walk was a dream, with her running through the fallen leaves and playing with us and being happy. Then I jinxed it, I said: well, this was a good idea for a Sunday morning. It was, but not for much longer - her mood changed and the angel did what she likes to do - throw herself on the ground with a lot of noise, which resulted in a very muddy kid with black hair and clothes.
Welcome to The Terrible Two!