Je t'aime

A few weeks ago a friend sent me an email with these sweatshirts for mommy & mini-me.
5 minutes later they were bought and they came straight from America to our door.
The print says it all.

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Yesterday I shared my first meal on
This website makes it possible to share your cooking with people in your neighbourhood. Whether you create culinary delights, or mac and cheese ... here you can share your meal with your neighbours.
So we made a big portion of Lasagne and shared it with the people in our neighbourhood! The purpose is not to make money (the price is the cost of the ingredients), but to do something you like and hopefully let other people enjoy that too.
I think I will do it more often in the future in order to train myself in cooking for more people than 3. I fed 10 mouths today, and it felt really good.
 I decided to go with a good old lasagne for the first time, as it is easy to portion and to make for lots of people.



Cookies and rolls of paper

Sunday is baking day at the 3L Syndrome and today I baked some chocolate-cranberry cookies with linseed. Very rich in omega3 & antioxidant but also in calories, but hey who is counting.
Since I was feeling sick this weekend, we did not do a lot - but Olivia entertained us with her Picasso like talents. Unfortunately the kid is not able to draw on an A4 size paper, no - she needs an entire roll of paper or a wall. But who are we to keep her from being creative.

 and she likes her mama's homemade cookies
They are also great giveaways.
Have a Happy Week!

#TBT on Friday: Paris

This is a mini-series I am starting on the blog called ThrowBackThursday on Friday.
Every episode I'll take a step back in time and share a trip, a period, a moment from the pre-blog era.
Today Paris:
Paris has been an important episode in our lives when hubbie and me were dating. He was living in wonderful Paris at that time, so we could only see each other in the weekends. Every weekend he came to Belgium or I went to Paris and we did not skip 1 weekend. It was hard just seeing each other 2 days a week and having to say goodbye all the time in the train station. But if I look at it now, it had its charm, packing the trolley with my good clothes, hurrying to the train, listening to Zero7 all the way, Lolo waiting for me at the Gare Du Midi, strolling around Paris, the farmers' market under his flat window, des baguettes, the Eiffel tower, going for fancy drinks,... That's how our story began.