What we ate

A long overdue post, but since I am sharing a lot of my plats du jour on my facebook page (liking is loving, my dears) ,I sorta forgot to post them here too. So here we go:
White fish with a mustard-tomato crust, baby spinach salad and baked potatoes
Smeus: Mashed potatoe, crevettes and poached egg
Breakfast BLT upgraded
Perfect Lemon Pie
Orloff Roast with croquettes
Almond Pear Pie
Tuna Pasta in a creamy mascarpone-tomato sauce
Swedish meatballs
Salmon Tartare
Pear Muffins with whipped cream
Normandy Chicken
Spaghetti Bolognese
Homemade afternoon tiramisu
Creamy chantarell soup with toast champignon & poached egg
Fish stew with balsamic vinegar
Taco night
Wild duck ragu with homemade tagliatelle
Winter Salad as seen here
Buttermilk mash with bio salmon and leek

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