The 31 day photo challenge

I recently got the photo idea book of a blog I follow ' A beautiful Mess' and it's full of tips and tricks on how to take better pictures. I also have been feeling a bit bad that after more than 2 years of having my camera I'm still using only 20% of its functions and settings. So I decided to try and do something about it, beginning this December. I'm finally going to find out what aperture, white balance, ISO and all the other weird names mean.
I'm going to do this in a 31 day self portrait challenge the whole month of December.
It is a perfect month to do this, because lots of challenges like Christmas tree lights, dark days,.. I like a good challenge.
Here are the rules for the challenge:
Take 30 (or 31) days of self portraits (one every day)
The portraits have to be about you or show you in some way
You must take the pictures yourself
As you go, share your photos with your hubbie, a friend, online, on facebook or your blog.
Me I'm gonna share them after the 31 days, in January, with you, here on the blog!
Who's with me?
 In these pictures I experimented already a bit, I quite like the printed newspaper effect on the second picture.
Easy tips are always welcome.