Rubber boots and a wheelbarrow

A few days ago my daughter and I went to another professional vegetable garden where you can pick the seasonal produce yourself. We got our boots on, we got some trays and scissors, picked out a wheelbarrow and went on a walk through the fields. She will be eating green beans, some farmer cabbage and potatoes that we picked ourselves. How much more bio can you go!

What we ate

This week I tried to cut down on food costs a little bit, and focus more on comfort food.
Result: Mainly chicken and Pasta
But you don't hear us complaining

Sunday Lunch: Home made home grown tomato sauce with seafood, prawns and green asparagus linguine
 Sunday Afternoon: Berry pie of berries we picked ourselves
Monday Dinner: Chicken and dried porcini risotto

 Tuesday Dinner: Roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and oven cooked carrots
Wednesday Dinner: Pasta Salmone (with Fresh and smoked salmon) carbonara style
Thursday Dinner: Mussel e Fagioli pasta


Some quality time

Sometimes you need to just empty your mind and just go for a walk in nature. So that is what my baby girl & I did this afternoon. We enjoyed one of the last days of summer with bright skies, green trees and the sun kissing our faces. We had a great time, mommy & daughter quality time.