New at the house

Recently we have been watching some Mad Men episodes again, (don draper...the man that makes me wanna smoke again)and we both love the furniture of that time. So yesterday we went to Antwerp and passed by a 1 day garage sale for vintage furniture and of course, there it was: A beautiful mid century Danish secretary desk. We both really liked the design and the wood color, so the whole walk it stayed in our minds, so when we went back to the car, we couldn't help going back and BUYing the desk!

We also bought it for Olivia, so she has a place to make her homework in a few years.
On pinterest, you can find al sorts of beautiful mid century furniture. I also found our desk. This is how it looks when it is closed.
So now we are on the lookout for a coffee table in the same style and a little vintage clock...