Food lately

In order of appearance: 
*Chicken-zucchini brochettes on a rosemary stick* 
*Barbecued pulpo with garlic and chilly*
*home made berry pie*
*Gourmet Burger*
*Veggies a la plancha with cilantro (by sissie in law)*
*Salmon and squid a la plancha with salsa verde y salsa rojo (by sissie in law)*
*Spaghetti with (homegrown) rucola pesto and grilled tomatoes
with a (basil oil & garlic marinated) prawn skewer*
*Rucola/ watercress/ Mint salad with grilled peaches topped with short grilled salmon*
*Lolo's Homemade iced coffee 'American Style'*
*Moules Nature*