Festival Fever

In the little town where I grew up (and where we are living now) there was only one highlight every year: Suikerrock (Sugar Rock). The 3 most important days of the year! When I was young(er) (read teenager-early 20ies) it was so much fun, you could see all your friends, all the people you lost sight of, all the people who at one point had a crush on you or vice versa - so you had to look your coolest. It was fun, let me tell you. You didn't have to text or call people to see where they were, because you knew where they were: At Suikerrock! Lots of memorable nights and music and drinks and - how the *** did I get home- moments! I'm sure my friends will know this feeling.
Oh Nostalgia!
Certainly now, because O will also grow up here and I hope that when she is old enough- she will make her own memories here! 
(But drink less- but seen her fascination with beer, I'm not sure)