Moultonborough, NH

Our stay in New Hampshire was a very happy one. We stayed in the Old Orchard Inn, a magnificent farm done up with so much taste & style. An Inn that I would be happy to manage any day of the week. Olivia immediately made friends with Lily, the daughter of the house. The area felt like 'real America' to us. We like it all a lot, the white mountains, the little villages, the food. It was perfect. We made a train trip in an old Pullman - first class through the Mount Washington Valley, very old fashioned and nice.

Maine: Old Orchard Beach & Portland, 2 extremes

Our stay in Maine was  one of extremes. We stayed at The Old Orchard Beach Inn, a historic Inn, a beautiful house, in Old Orchard Beach, an old-school coastal retreat with a fair ground, lots of tacky shops and neon. But during the day we visited Portland, a hipster town with lots of cool shops and food options, with a more alternative crowd. In the afternoon, we took an inner bay cruise on a ferry boat serving all the surrounding islands. One of these islands is for sale for 4,5 million dollar and comes with 2 houses and a boat. Anyone?