Easter Brunch at Mammie

Petti's first Easter was a big brunch special. Let me tell you what we ate: Viennoiserie, different sorts of bread with cheeses and cold cuts, filled eggs, soup, frittata, sausages with apple compote, strawberries with cream, and of course Easter Cake! wow! Way too much! But very yummie.

In the afternoon my niece and petti's godmother came by to give Petti's first Easter Tree!

Food Lately at our house

This is what we ate this week, co chosen by O.
 Herby meatballs with wheat, white cabbage/red onion salad and a honey vinegar
Perfect Saturday lunch: vegetable soup, fennel & baby spinach salad and grilled tuna sandwiches
Easy Paella
Home made chicken noodle soup

 Scallop Carpaccio
 My man worked really hard this week, so it is nice to have appetizers when you get home and a good glass of wine to relax

Cod with a jacked potatoe
 with a home made white wine/sour cream sauce

Chicken curry soup with coriander
Look what I found: Heart potato in the potato bag
Petti also discovered the joys of eating real pieces of fruit, through a 'nibbler' as you can see (so she doesn't suffocate)  but she loves her new sweets.

Story of a friendship

It started at school and with an attack with a pen in the chin, blood sealed the friendship.
Since then (18 YEARS AGO) we have been friends - good friends.

He had a Jennifer Aniston hairdo 18 years ago and I had short hair.

We went to Brussels, Cologne, Canterbury, Finland, New York,  London, Vienna, Bratislava,...

We have lived together, in the same apartment building, 30 km from each other, 100 km from each other and now 300 m from each other..

We cried a little but laughed a lot.

Now we are both settled with our men - (and baby), but the connection is still alive!

Maybe we also drank a lot because it was difficult to find photos without a glass.