A Day in Pictures: Sunday Stories

Sunday stories

 10AM/Petti (*)playing happily in her crib (She thinks she is a deejay with all her music toys)
 11AM/Brunch for two (Chervil soup, scrambled eggs with salmon, Greek yoghurt with nuts and honey)
 NOON/A little bit of snow (Why always after X-mas?)
 1PM/Petti food (every day nice & fresh)
 2PM/2 different socks (the yellow one was lonely)
 3PM/Our table clutter-free (check the new vases)
 4PM/O.'s Outfits for the coming week (getting ready for -8°C)
 5PM/A relaxing bath for me (Lavender oil)
 5.30PM/ O. playing with her daddy on the sofa (stealing his glasses)
 6PM/O and me in outfits knitted by her grandmother (wool to face the cold weather)
7PM/Tiny moon
 7.15PM/ Nice bread and butter at mom's
 7.30PM/Chicken,chorizo,green beans & potatoes oven dish
 8PM/Sunday Cake
 8.15PM/Woefke is tired (and a bit jealous because the baby gets all the attention)
 Have a happy week!
(*) Petti is her nickname