Take me to the Christmas Tree Farm!

I love America, and one of the reasons why I love America is that they have christmas tree farms.
That must be heaven. You get a measuring stick and a saw and off you go to choose your own perfect christmas tree. That would make me so happy.

 Here it is also starting to look like christmas. The christmas presents are starting to arrive (this year I bought everything online), Olijf has her own baby-size christmas tree on her play cradle. The wreath is hanging at the door.

Christmas is just around the corner, and this year it is kind of a big deal, since it is O.'s first one and we are having a big family dinner (with the Belgians and the Frenchies). It is the first time we will host the X-mas party at our house, so we are busy with the menu, the table setting and the giveaways.
The only crazy thing is that it is December 4th and we still don't have a tree...Because we are having a real one this year...Mmm I can't wait for the smell in the main room!