Food Lately at Our House

Food this week

 Preparations for the Clam Chowder
 The Clams
 The Clam and Corn Chowder served in a toasted bread.
 Home Made Chicken Stock
 Chicken Stew
 With bacon, mustard and Oude Geuze (beer)

 Fish Stew with 3 different fishies, shrimp and mussels
 with home made garlic bread
 Shrimp in Wodka/lemon/cream sauce

 Chocolate, nothing but chocolate cakes

 with ice cream
 Lamb Chops marinated in thyme, sauge, garlic and olive oil
 with Spinach Mash, winterfood
 The New cook in our house
 Preparations for the Pasta Sauce
 So beautiful
 Marinade for basil infused bread
 Individual cheesecakes with red fruit
 Leg of Lamb
 Not homemade but better than homemade macarons de La Duree
 The real thing, straight from Paris