New at the house

Words to live by: 
I saw this print on another blog and I thought: I need this in our house to remind me to sometimes stop watching crap on teevee and to do something real! Sometimes I feel myself getting so lazy in my head and I don't like that. Gotta keep challenging my brain and get inspired.

 The Become Who You Are print is also there as an inspiration for me to think sometimes about your life, the things you have accomplished and the things you still want to accomplish, to try chasing your dreams. 
Porcelain Crincle cups, we already had them but I rediscovered them this weekend to serve appetizers in.

 A designer deer tea light holder, cadeau from my lovely friend Laura
Roses from my grandmother

 My bathroom is supposed to become a sexy Boudoir style room - I had the idea to frame some black & white pictures of women who influence or inspire me, or whom I am jealous of. Because of their beauty, their class, their music, their lifestyle, their careers. I only just started, it is a work in progress.

As we will have some house guests in the coming months and our guest bedroom is not very decorated yet since it is also a storage space (for mostly my stuff) and we need a 'Niecy Nash' clean house soon, we figured we could enlighten it a bit with a world map on the white wall. My plan with this room is to make it into a real 'travel & world themed guest room' some day, decorated with souvenirs from our travels, maps, pictures, again a work in progress.
That's all for now folks!