Dial M for Murder

This afternoon we went to an exhibition at the FOMU- The photography museum in Antwerp for an expo that triggered my imagination: 'Murder is my business' - Weegee. I like murder stories. He is renowned for his sensational images of assassinations, fires, accidents, brawls and orgies. His flash mercilessly captures the events, plain and outspoken. The exhibition focuses on his dramatic black-and-white images of the New York crime scene of the 1930s and 1940s, which set the standard for what has become known as tabloid journalism.
 This must have been such an interesting period in NYC. You see the backgrounds of the murders and it has so much charm to it. ln 1938, Weegee was the only New York newspaper reporter with a permit to have a portable police-band shortwave radio. He maintained a complete darkroom in the trunk of his car, to expedite getting his free-lance product to the newspapers.  He listened closely to the police radio and often beat authorities to the scene, which led to these interesting shots.

Bang bang, he shot me down
bang bang, I hit the ground
bang bang, that awful sound
bang bang, my baby shot me down

(That was the song in my head throughout the expo)