Random in Brussels

Last Saturday we went to Brussels, to hang around a bit and look at (too expensive) vintage & design furniture stores.
I have a weird relation with Brussels, sometimes I love it (because I studied there a few years and I got to know the good side of it) and sometimes I hate it (because there are always traffic jams when I come, I never find my way and I never find parking space)
But Saturday it was pretty nice. Here some random photos.
 De Beurs - La bourse
 Olivia at Choosy (steenstraat Brussels)
 Wall Art at Mr. Ego

 Drinks at St-Gery - St-Goriks
 Street Art
 Cool Lomography

 Space Invader
 Perfect empty building to start a hotel in. Anybody interested in investing in an ambitious couple?
 Fall is in town
 mmm Handsome man in Brussels
 Hungry City-hopping baby
 Nice Fa├žade
 Food Culture
Specialty Shops

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