Summer Snap shots
From top to bottom
  • One Line a Day: we got this present from a friend of ours, he called it 'Twitter avant la lettre' - I like it, and it will be a great memory book.
  • A music toy that plays 'le garçon de Paris', also a present which we really appreciated,since I met my Garçon in Paris.
  • Fun with the Ipad
  • I miss the USA: look at this wonderful road!
  • Aperol, although it is 'so last year', it is still my favourite apero
  • The 'Taglieri di Max' at Zoff Leuven, one of our favourite lunch places
  • Red fruit dessert competition with my family, yum
  • Frozen Yoghurt finally came to Leuven: I like and less calories
  • Blue RayBan sunnies (from my nephew)
  • Olivia and her gang
  • Olivia looks 3
  • Olivia has the best smile ever
  • Wii, my best friend this summer, helped me losing the baby fat
  • Can you resist this cute face?
  • Napping with daddy in the garden
  • When my man fills my bath, he puts cool toys in it!
  • Quality time for us and the baby


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