10 things about being a mommy

1. It's the cutest thing when I take her out of her bed, and she is clinging to me like she is still in my belly.
2. After 3 hours away, I start to miss her, like for real.
3. Every day is a happy day when we spend some quality time in the big bed in the morning and she is snoozing like a kitten.
4. Mother instinct exists
5. I'm a tiger mommy, nobody gets to say anything that sounds anything close to negative about my kid, or my paws come out.
6. Having a kid and seeing my man with the baby, make me even more in love with him.We are complete.
7. Babies (well, mine anyway) make lots of noise, even when they don't cry - it is really funny.
8. Being a mother myself makes me understand my parents better
9. I'm a shopaholic mommy
10. I feel special being a mom. (weird, no?)

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