11 Thoughts @ 33 weeks

By Lisa
(Warning, if you don't wanna see a big belly, don't scroll down)
  1. My fingers start to look & feel like little sausages. Rings are becoming too small.
  2. Doing the 2 staircases to our bedroom feels like climbing the Mount Everest
  3. Baths never felt as good as now, although coming out of it is no party.
  4. I know what feeling 'hungry' feels like. All the time.
  5. While looking for flights for the summer, I now need to fill out: 2 adults - 1 baby
  6. Finding a comfortable position to sleep, that will suit me and the little miss is not easy.
  7. Discovering that even your maternity jeans is not very comfortable anymore, is no fun.
  8. Discovering that your man's wardrobe opens a lot of possibilities is fun.
  9. I think this little girl likes Lady gaga & Rage against the Machine, hmmm. I wonder what we will have to put on to make her sleep. Killing in the name of? I was born this way?
  10. I don't really like the thought that she is hanging upside down for the moment, especially because it means she is punching me in the ribs all the time.
  11. I think there is a colony of ants walking through my legs, at least that is how it feels: they call it 'restless legs'. I call it quite annoying.
Seven weeks to go, little bumble bee, don't be late, because we cannot wait & and your grandmothers want to know your name! 


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