Garden Delight in March

This Sunday the weather was really nice, the sun came to join us, and the time was right to start preparing the garden for the next vegetable season. Since I will be spending the summer at home with our baby, and I will probably have some weight to loose, I think it is really important to get a head start on our vegetables.


The green peppers , tomatoes and courgettes are put in the little flower pots to get a head start before putting them in the ground.
We have spinach, 3 kinds of carrots and 3 kinds of salads already in the ground.
And of course, we have sewn the herbs. Jeej.
It was also a perfect afternoon for baking and have my parents over for coffee.

 An Apple Cake made with brown sugar instead of white sugar and hint of cinnamon.

In the evening my man made THE MOST DELICIOUS quiche I have ever eaten in my whole life:
onion, garlic, spinach, ricotta, ovenbaked ham, nuts, cream and a hint of honey. mmmm (and bacon on top)

 The Perfect Sunday! We live well.

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