Swinging baby - Keep on smiling

“Don't comment on my weight and I won't be forced to bitch-slap you, deal?

“Yeah, like "OMG, you are HUGE!" is an appropriate thing to say to a pregnant woman.

“Yeah, pregnant women just LOVE to be told how big they look.

No More Delivery Horror Stories! I've met my quota for this pregnancy, thanks!'

Why do people think it is okay to talk about my weight, just because I am pregnant? You wouldn’t dare to ask me how much I weigh or how much I gained when I wasn’t pregnant, so why would you now?
It is not that we are feeling at our most beautiful or sexy, for that matter. So please don’t rub it in.
Worse is that these comments always come from women, who should know that gaining weight is no fun, whether it is for a little miracle in your belly or just because you are eating too much ice cream.

It is almost equally annoying as the free advice you are getting that you don’t want or need. If I need help or advice, I will ask. I don’t feel too good to ask help. And I will need help at some point. But I don’t need people’s opinion on breastfeeding, co sleeping, circumcising, vaccinating. What I do or eat while I am pregnant. I consider myself a rational person, I‘ve read all the right books, and I don’t consider myself stupid.

My beebeeke and I are doing fine and are quite happy to share my body for the moment.
And I am sure that when beebee is ready to come that we will continue to get along just fine! (Although I cannot give you chocolate cookies from the start, I already apologise for that, my bumble bee, I know you like them for breakfast) But just to be on the safe side: I’m getting my little bee a T-shirt that says: “don't give my mommy any dumb advice, she's doing just fine!

I love her (probably a girl / 97% certain) and the little moods she has – in my head she already has a character (grumpy, dancing, punching her daddy, sleeping). I like…

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