Garden Love: Number 2

You can read the beginning of our gardening adventure HERE
Our garden is now 1 week in progress and it is already blooming.
  Growing and Growing and Growing.
It feels so rewarding to go and see our veggies grow every day. 
It even seems as if they are getting bigger in front of our eyes.
We are creating new life in the form of little courgettes, spinach leaves, beans,...and it feels wonderful. (Okay, I'm getting lyrical over a vegetable, Lisa, what happened to you!!!!)
And I even have pictures to prove it:
 In order of appearance; from top to bottom - starting on the left
 Parsley: slow grower / Salad / Salad / Rocket salad / radicchio and spinach
And remember our lawn (Here) ?
Well, after only 14 days I think we could say that it is fully grown. :)
SO, Time for our first BBQ and some njammie food.
This is the life.
 On our improvised garden furniture
Tomato-mozzarella salad with fresh basil from our herb garden
And a barbecue grilled bruschetta

2 jours à Marseille


The beautiful île de Frioul

Garden Love

Yesterday we started our own vegetable garden.
It was fun to be outside all day and create something that will keep us busy & eating healthy the whole year long.
 Garden Gloves Love

First we made a plan of all the veggies we wanted to plant

 and a handy book that can teach us everything, since we are absolute beginners.
We are growing in these wooden squares, which we have divided to keep track of what is growing where.
We are growing: green beans, spinach, courgettes, red peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, parsley, spring onions, carrots, rocket salad and normal salad.
This is our Red Paprika 'tree'
And this is where the tomatoes are gonna come
And of course we also have a little herbs garden, to brighten all our dishes.

We'll keep you posted!!

The pleasure of the little things...

...Like seeing the grass grow that you have sown 5 days earlier...
 ...Like getting 30 white roses for your Birthday from your father...
...Like getting yellow flowers from a darling friend to go together with your yellow chair...
...Like baking the first pie in your new oven (een smurfentaart - white chocolat sprinkles - whipped cream and abricot jam)...
...Like having your first dinners with family and friends in the new house...

The Best Birthday Ever: 4 days of Food in NYC

Like I said in my previous post, my boyfriend took me on a wonderful trip to the Big Apple!
We both loved it! The sun was shining, 30°C, friendly people, good food, love, everything was exactly like it should be...

 This was our room with a magnificent view on Times Square
The first afternoon we went to visit the Empire State Building, The Flatiron building,walked a bit around to absorb the ambiance of the city and we went for dinner at Asia de Cuba.
Since It was my Birthday and I was wearing my 'Birthday Princess' badge, they added a little something to my dessert plate!

That was sweet and yummie!
Hot Doggie

Muffins at Magnolia Bakery
The Reuben: Lots and Lots of Pastrami
And then the best food of our stay :'Daniel': special 3*Michelin treat from my man.

Ând another Birthday Cake...
And after our love lock on the 'pont des arts' in Paris, we now have our love lock on the Brooklyn Bridge!
We love New York!