Garden Love: Number 2

You can read the beginning of our gardening adventure HERE
Our garden is now 1 week in progress and it is already blooming.
  Growing and Growing and Growing.
It feels so rewarding to go and see our veggies grow every day. 
It even seems as if they are getting bigger in front of our eyes.
We are creating new life in the form of little courgettes, spinach leaves, beans,...and it feels wonderful. (Okay, I'm getting lyrical over a vegetable, Lisa, what happened to you!!!!)
And I even have pictures to prove it:
 In order of appearance; from top to bottom - starting on the left
 Parsley: slow grower / Salad / Salad / Rocket salad / radicchio and spinach
And remember our lawn (Here) ?
Well, after only 14 days I think we could say that it is fully grown. :)
SO, Time for our first BBQ and some njammie food.
This is the life.
 On our improvised garden furniture
Tomato-mozzarella salad with fresh basil from our herb garden
And a barbecue grilled bruschetta

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