Our Home: Part 1

This weekend we  begon working in our house, because in 2 weeks it's moving time!! I cannot wait!

This weekend we put up the dining room: our beautiful extra long table and matching bench + our beautiful EAMS chairs and the huge dining room lamp. I love the way it has all come together.
We have also put all the lights of the ground floor: kitchen, living area and not to forget the toilet, because Lisa doesn't like to pee in the dark! Also the curtains are up, so no nosy neighbours looking in anymore!

It really looks like we imagined it to be!
Here you will see a sneak preview of the things we have done!
 (Find the thing that does not belong on the picture)

Also we bought a bed, not just a bed, but the perfect bed!

New York

My romantic boyfriend is taking me on a trip to New York, for my 30th Birthday next week!
How perfect is that! Yes, I know, I am a lucky bitch.

“They say life's what happens when you're busy making other plans. But sometimes in New York, life is what happens when you're waiting for a table.” Carrie Bradshaw

I decided not to wait for a table and reserved here, at Asia De Cuba at the Morgans Hotel.

Last week I was watching the 340th re-play of Sex and the City in the fitness, while looking anything but fabulous like Carrie, who was drinking cocktails in this restaurant while waiting on the Russian, who didn't come of course. And I thought, We cannot go to NYC and not step in the manolo blahniks of Carrie Bradshaw for at least 2 hours. So, reservation made, but outfit still an issue. Being cool in Belgium is absolutely not the same as being trendy in NYC.I still have some days to think about it...

It's better to be prepared: The days are long there and the nights are too. Here some tips to make your purse NY-proof with these 6 obligatory items

Bottle of water***a photo camera***lipstick***underground card***d├ęsinfectant (because of the underground)***Sunglasses (for the instant New York Glamour look)

Oooh, I forgot the most important one:

This is the second time I am going there, and the first time was a bit of a disaster for my poor card, she was so bloody tired.

We have bought a NYC Pass to visit the most important attractions without waiting for hours to get in and I am really looking forward stand on the top of the Empire State Building and kiss the man I love (while pretending we are alone there, hihi)

Other cool and way too expensive things are to be found in this beautiful book

Well, I like all books from Taschen, but this one has great hotspots, shops, hotels & restaurants. It is also a nice asset to my library.

Ok, enough fabulousness, I wouldn't be Lisa if I wouldn't go for some serious 'oh baby, I don't think I can get up anymore' emotions, and I am planning to get this emotion after eating this:

The Reuben at Carnegies Deli :)

And then straight to our hotel on Times Square to digest!

I don't think we will get bored in this great city!

They say Life starts at 30, I think this will be a very nice start of life! Thank you, baby


Lazy Spring Moments & Food

Oooh...How I love these colors!
Fresh salad with pink prawns, 1 grapefruit, 1 avocado, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, red onions & coriandre
Served with  Scampi & white fish
The new best apero when the sun shines
Spritz: 2 parts Aperol / 3 parts Prosecco / Splash of Soda / Ice and a slize of orange...Salud
Together with some Lamb Kebab Burger with home made Tzatziki
Nice spring summer days

Little weekends

I Love Weekends with my honeybee in his country

Spring Haze

I cannot deny it any longer, after 2 weeks of sunshine and another week to come, it is definitely time for a spring cleaning. I mean spring cleaning my way, since I do not feel like cleaning out the kitchen cabinets with pure bleach. No, I mean, to throw everything away, what I haven't touched in 2 years. I think that is a good rule.
I also think it is a good rule to have no more than 100 ceedees, dvd's, books (okay, not my books), pairs of shoes (please, not the shoes!). And since I'm turning 30 (also known as the spring time of life) and since I'm moving in a month (to the ultimate spring home), I cannot lie to myself any longer: the mayham has to go!I cannot keep hanging on to my teens. Maybe it will work also spiritually to become a mature woman who doesn't need her 'teenager riots themes' anymore!
So let's get on with it...En avant...marche!
 2 Unlimited, Roxette and Tophits 92...Au Revoir!

But it does not bother me at all to get rid of them, their time with me is over.I don't even have a ceedee player.
Welcome to the new space saving I-tunes Era!
Time for new musical memories

Since I don't have any space anymore in my book closet, I have started to buy audiobooks, easy and you don't have to turn around in your bed when you want to read the opposite page.You can read in the bathtub, in the train, while doing your nails,while sporting, on the beach. I just love it! And it seems since I listen to the book, I have become a better reader, because I read diagonally and most of the time I missed a lot of details because I wanted to go too fast. And after a full day of working behind a computer, my eyes often are too tired to read. For me it's the revelation of 2011! 
Oh and between the spring cleaning mayham I also got lovely spring flowers from my boyfriend.
And a very nice spring dinner with asparagus, the spring vegetable!
Have a lovely spring!