Family weekend at the seaside

 This year's family weekend was at the seaside. And boy, did we get lucky with the weather! Blue skies the entire time. We went for long walks, made sand castles, went shopping, we got to go on a coffee date, to the restaurant for croquettes de crevettes, did the annual quiz ( called the pee quiz), had brunch, went on a go-kart ride and just enjoyed the late summer sun on our faces and the most beautiful sunset. A weekend to remember...

Food, Fun & Friends at Zomertoren

I'm happy to say that more and more cool initiatives are happening in our hometown.
Like last Sunday, there was Zomertoren (Summer Tower!?): Music, Food & Art on a cozy square in the city centre. The fun thing about living in a small city is that at some point you always find your friends without having to call or text, only now we do it with kids. We ate to much (as usual), cherished the last hours of the summer and enjoyed the Sunday with some loungy tunes and cold beers.
I think this town is gonna be alright.
More of this please!