A Creative Sunday

My relationship with Brussels is a difficult one. I studied there for 5 years, taking the train from where I live every day to go to school, so I never got to experience the real Brussels life. Then I worked in Brussels for 5 years, commuting every day while trying not to bump my head to the steering wheel after standing still for an hour over 5 km. And now it just annoys me to go there, because I don't think I have ever gone to Brussels without ending up in a traffic jam, or coming across some crazy people.
Maybe I'm just a suburb kinda girl.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the only reason that I do have some sparkles of love for this city, is because of my friend Laura. When we studied together, she always took me to the cool lunch places, the bars, the hotspots but also the deli shops with the best tea, cookies, fish, whatever. Being a real Brussels chic, she always knew where to go and I really value these years in Brussels with her for this reason.
We still try to get together as often as our busy lives let us, and yes - sometimes in Brussels.
So for this Sunday we left kids and husbands home, and went to 'Creative Sunday' at Le Phare du Kanaal, a nice co-working spot & café. Creative Sunday is an afternoon with 3 workshops - one beauty (manicure), one food (how to get creative with herbs and spices) and one DIY (make your own small terrarium) and a sweet buffet (too many doughnuts). We had a good afternoon getting creative in the early spring sun, making our own mustard & gravlax mix and making a scrub & taking care of our hands and nails with all organic products.
Could be a concept I will try to get to my small city.

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