Making Christmas memories

This weekend was a good, good, good one. As every year we made a camp in the living room for the 3 of us to sleep in, and after some drinks with friends at the Christmas market, we got on our matrass and watched 'The Polar Express' together and when man and kid dozed away, I watched some other women TV Christmas classics, with the lights hanging above me and my two loves sleeping peacefully next to me. Such a good feeling. Saturday we had a croissant and hot cocoa breakfast in bed before going to Olivia's little dance recital. I was so moved watching my kid dance, I had tears in my eyes. I'm such a sucker when it comes to my daughter. Later that evening we had the family holiday party and my uncle made a pinterest worthy garland of home made Christmas ornaments and lights. So beautiful.
After another night in our camp, we took it easy on Sunday, and we prepared the Christmas get-together apero we hosted for our friends. We count our blessings this season, because the world is not everywhere as wonderful as in our little living room Christmas camp.
PS: In case you are interested in the recipe of the Holiday Moskow Mule
60 ml of cranberry juice, 60 ml of wodka, 120 ml of ginger beer, a splash of lime, a stick of rosemary, some sugared cranberries and ice

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