Monument Valley, Utah

We made another detour to Monument Valley. On our West coast roadtrip 5 years ago we did not have time to pass there so we made sure to fit it in this time. One word: Breathtaking! You drive around for miles on a dirt road and we had nobody in front of us or behind, so it felt like we had the valley to ourselves. Photos don't do justice to the real beauty nor its size, but it will be in my memory forever. After our visit we drove to this tiny village Bluff where we had booked a surprisingly nice hotel with a pool with views on the mesas. After a good night's sleep, we had lunch at this great place across the street. Their homemade prickly pear lemonade was so good! - Lolo was so happy to eat a real crispy salad! 
And the pie, oh the pie!


  1. W A U W! Ik zou zo meteen mijn koffers willen pakken en naar daar vertrekken :-)

  2. Although this place is quite far away from where I live, it looks like a great place to relax and spend some time with your family. Great pictures by the way!