Jana's going away get-together

Last Saturday we organised a party for Jana, my god-child, who is going to Cameroon for 6 months.
I made a buffet with things she likes - wraps (she calls them fraps) with chicken or chili con carne, all sorts of veggies and of course desserts without chocolate. We had strawberry tiramisu, panna cotta and apple crumble with crème anglaise. Her friends were in charge of the entertainment and they came up with some assignments to see if she is ready for her new life (she is), they brought back good memories by showing little movies & photos from good times, they even wrote a song for her.

We also had a photo booth with jungle props and a top secret booth where guests could write letters for Jana to open on Christmas, her birthday or just when (or if) she is homesick. Some people spent ages there. She is going to have lots of things to read.
Petti spent half of the night in the top secret booth entertaining the people in there and making art for Jana. The other part of the evening she was in Jana's arms (or eating crisps).
I hope Jana had a good night with the people close to her/
I'm so proud of her for doing this and taking this step in life!
It will enrich her life forever.
See you soon, kiddo! We love you!
(and write a blog, so we can follow you!)

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