Ristorante Rossi in Lovanio

This week I went on a girl date with Laura to go try the slow food kitchen of Felice Miluzzi, Rossi in Leuven. We sat on the terrace, and ordered the 3 course menu without even asking what we were going to eat. You could see in the atmosphere in the kitchen, the sounds and the smells, that we were in for a treat. We had a very herby aperol apero (I forgot the name - and no, it is not Spritz) and a lovely melon and beef tartar appetizer. 
Starter was an Italian gazpacho with cucumber sorbet, buffalo mozzarella, celery, tomato and basil. It was so full of flavour and refreshing on this nice summer evening. Then followed the pasta with a delicate fresh pesto sauce, green beans and green apple. Main course was a Pieterman fish with grilled and sautéed zucchini. The fish was baked to perfection and the zucchini was so full of aromas. I would love to have that recipe.
After dinner we wanted to go for a walk through the city, but at that exact moment the rain started to pour and made us stay at Felice's restaurant and share a tiramisu and a prosecco. And oh well, we did not mind too much.
 I was back in Italy once again. (This holiday keeps on giving)
It was a great evening, with good, honest food and good conversation.

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