Finding the adult style

I have never found it easy to develop a personal style. Especially the last couple of years, with so much happening like - going into your thirties, becoming a mother, not going out every week anymore, I don't really know what to wear anymore or even what suits me and my new life style. I tend to go for comfort, and luckily that is also what is trending at the moment - so that's good. I used to be all about skirts with matching shirts, heels, accessories, -very girlie girlie, if i look back on it now, I definitely moved on from that. At the moment my style is more minimalistic. 
The problem is that I still think of myself as being a girl, instead of a woman - but is that a bad thing? Is it because I'm still young at heart (that's lame) or am I just in denial? 
Do my clothes reflect who i am? To be honest, I don't really know. If you google 'finding a personal style', they always say you should try to find your style archetype (a famous person who's style you fancy). I have thought a great deal about this (that's exaggerated), but quite frankly I cannot come up with somebody who's style I would copy and who I can relate to. 
The things I pin onto my style boards on (the ultimate time waster) pinterest show a certain coherence and it has helped me in defining what I like and do not like. 
If now I would just succeed in creating the perfect closet with great outfits you can wear again and again, instead of my impulse retail therapy purchases,  I would probably look a lot better styled and cooler. 
But hey, that's me. And the most important is that I feel okay with being 'me'.
After all, happy girls are the prettiest (Audrey Hepburn said), so maybe all the rest doesn't really matter that much.
My style board on pinterest

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