The Story of Today

Off she goes...
Today was Olivia's first day of school and I must admit, it was not an easy day. Dropping your kid off at school for the first time is a completely different emotion than dropping her off at daycare. It symbolizes a milestone, a big step in her evolution.
One step further away from mommy & daddy.
So, this morning not everything went according to plan, we were running late, we did not have time to adapt together with her, which made us feel very anxious and nervous about her first day - and she felt it too, but we put her in the teacher's arms and ran off to make the drama as short as possible .
We got back home and I cried for a good hour, I'm not going to lie.
Luckily we have the sweetest friends and family that supported us with snapchats, messages and so on. So after the little break down, Lolo went to work, I went to the supermarket and my friend Anne invited me over for coffee until it was time to go get her again (thank you for that).
When I arrived at the school, she was sitting on a little bench, together with some little boys, with her coat and her backpack - waiting for the bell to ring. She saw me, smiled at me but she stayed put, sitting there completely at ease, as if it was already normal.
At that moment I felt reassured, especially when her teacher told me she was very brave and that she adapted very well to the new situation. I was so filled with love when she ran to me and gave me a big kissie.
All afternoon, she was happy and crazy as always, so I guess it was a good day after all.
Tonight at bed time, while normally we read stories, she preferred telling me about her day. She said she had a good time with the other kids, playing with the train and the cubes. So I asked her if it was okay to go back tomorrow to play and she said yes.
We will see how it goes tomorrow.
Very proud parents over here!