The Birthday Project

 I always find it difficult to find good presents for men. It is always very cliché (perfume, clothes,socks, watches, sunglasses,..), so this year I decided to do something different. I tried to find things that would be a new experience or things he mentionned once or twice over the year and I arranged 3 dates in the weeks prior to his birthday. We went shooting - which was very interesting and not easy at all, he took a kickboxing lesson ( he didn't like me so much 10 minutes in, as the warm up was already very hard, hihi) and we took a private disco dancing class, it was so funny because we never danced like that before and we had a hard time following the moves, but we had good fun. At least we will have good moments to remember from this birthday, socks give you less memories :)
On his birthday-day we went to lunch with his parents (who were in town this weekend) and he blew the candles on his birthday cake and enjoyed some lazy Sunday time with the family.



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