On Apples and Trees

Earlier this week my dad, my girl and I went for a walk in a nearby park/forest/apple orchard and it made me think of the saying 'The apple does not fall far from the tree'. On so many aspects of my personality I can see similarities with either my mother or my father, and on other ones, I am completely different because of the generation I was born into or by choice even (because I am a rebel without a cause, you know). Also genetics is a crazy concept in my book, like I have the hair and the skin of my father and the eyes and the nose of my mother. I know this is completely normal, and you might think that I'm going completely crazy here on a Thursday evening, but I think it is still a miracle that 2 people can make another person and that we are able to pass a part of ourselves (inside and out) on to this little creature.
Having a kid is often very confrontational, because all of a sudden you see yourself in a mini version, and you see a side of yourself that you have never seen before, because the kid is imitating you constantly. It is also very funny to see. Sometimes when sitting next to me in the car, she is pretending to  put make up on (as I do) and she has the exact facial expression as me when I put mascara on. damn. She also imitates her father on the phone. She conversates with an imaginary person with the same intonantion as her dad while she walks around just like him, when on the phone.
I think she is becoming quite an interesting mix of the two of us.
Although some things she had better taken from her dad, like his balanced nature. She did not inherite that. She got the craziness from ther momma! 
PS: Needless to say that Olivia is the apple of my dad's eye (another saying! I am on a roll here)
PPS: No, I did not drink tonight