On cookies, bribing and the M***-word

 Last week I went to the supermarket with my daughter and the kid is not stupid, she knows exactly where the Maya food items are displayed (For those of you who missed my post on Maya The Bee - the kid is obsessed). So, behind the bread on your left hand side, you have the Maya The Bee sprinkles, for her this is a reason to start screaming MAYA, MAYA, MAYA! Most of the time it is a funny scene and the people around me look at us - saying, oh she is so adorable... But not last week, last week she went into a Maya sprinkles tantrum - so in order not to be escorted out of the store without any groceries, I had no choice but to buy the damn sprinkles. Of course, the kid does not want to eat the sprinkles, because out of the packaging - they are just brown and a bit yellow, so nothing to do with the buzzing animal, also known as the M-word.
All this just to tell you, We made sprinkle cookies this afternoon.

 Waiting for the cookies to be done in the oven.
 Good reason to clean the kitchen too - baking with your kid

If you want to make the cookies, I got the recipe here