Scenic drive through the back roads

On the last day of our trip to my man's country, we took a drive with his parents through the mountains, on small -one car- roads and nothing but green around. This scenery is the greenest I have ever seen. More than once we had to stop or slow down because a group of cows, goats or horses was standing or sitting on the road. Petti loved it, it was like a little safari for her, everywhere she looked she could see some animals. It was so funny as her enthusiasm is so genuine and real.
It is really beautiful there, so peaceful, calm and unspoiled. We had lunch on the mountain top in an Auberge with magnificent views, honest food and blue skies. 
It was a perfect days to spend in the Pyrenees.

Fights in an airplane

Travelling with children on an airplane is not always a walk in the park. When she was a baby it was easier, we just gave her something to drink during take off and landing, and she was fine. But now she wants to move all the time and she does not understand all the restrictions and procedures of air - travelling yet. Our flight back from Spain was one to remember (to say the least) as our kid refused to stay seated and strapped in her seatbelt during landing. The flight attendant started to really get unfriendly (read: rude) with us, as we did not get our daughter to stay put. At 2 year's old they have their own seat and they cannot sit on their mother's lap anymore - and our girl did not grasp this concept and went in to a hyperventilating modus while we tried to get the steward to give us the little seatbelt to keep her safe anyway. She refused to do so (because procedure is procedure) so I put my daughter on my lap strapped together in my seatbelt until we landed. But really, that flying B**CH damn.
So back home, we tried to find a solution, as O is really thin she slides though the seatbelts in planes and so there is no way to keep her in her seat without things getting nasty. So we went on the internet, and luckily found out that we were not the only parents with this problem. We bought a seatbelt adapted to her age and certified for safety that keeps her in the seat as in a car seat.
We used it for the first time this flight to France and except one little crisis she behaved well and all the stewards smiled at us.
Also, a portable dvd player with her favourite cartoons helps
(big time)#lifesaver

Jours au Pays Basque

These past few days we spent at the Pays Basque in France, where Lolo's parents live. We were lucky with the weather and were able to do lots of things. We had lunch at the seaside, paid a visit to some relatives, went to walk in the woods, down by the riverbed, wiggled our toes in the water, watched traditional dances and music, played with the dog and the cousin, we saw a Toro de fuego (traditional fireworks & enjoyed some precious family time.