An afternoon just for her

Our kid is obsessed with a little bee, called Maya. She says the M-word at least 600 times a day (and I am not even kidding), so we felt a little obliged to go and see her big idol at Plopsa Coo. We did this weekend, and guess what - she did not like them. She ran away from them. What a good idea :)
I think she was just a little intimidated by the big creatures. The second time around she was much more reassured and she clapped and danced with her little Maya friends. For the rest I think she had a blast, running through the splash pads, petting the goats, playing on the playground, and spending an afternoon with us, just for her.

My Hometown.

When I was younger, I took it completely for granted. I wanted to get out of this town as soon as I could. When I finally got out of here, I was very happy to be away but it still felt like home when I came to visit my family and friends but I swore I would never come and live here again.
In all honesty, this town does not have a lot going for it at this moment, as it is worn down, tired and in need of some serious upgrading and  people with a strong vision to make it a positive place to live again. Also for Olivia's sake, I would like to see it grow again into a vibrant city with bars to go to, nice restaurants  to eat, places to go dancing, buzzling terraces in the summer time with a good vibe and all that.

But then again, being happy somewhere for me comes down to feeling at home and being able to be yourself and to belong somewhere. If I am honest with myself, I did not have that when living in other cities.I was trying to find myself and I did not find it elsewhere.
Before I finally settled down here again with the love of my life, I fled back twice for a little while (bad breakups and all that) and the town (or the people in my direct circle) always welcomed me with their arms open and that is something I will never forget and I will always be grateful for. That's why my hometown will always be special for me. Even if we move one day, I know we can always come back and everything will be the same. We will still go for a drink with all our kids and hopefully they will become friends too.
But I hope they will be less crazy than we were/are.

Jerez de la Frontera, a hidden gem

Jerez de la Frontera during siesta time. Desolate streets and markets. It seemed we had the city to ourselves. Perfect for our first meeting with this city. We just walked around without a real goal and somehow we ended up seeing the most beautiful plazas and streets and buildings. I was positively surprised with the city, although when you drive towards the city, you think - oh oh, because the suburbs are what you would expect, but once in the city, it's worth your while. We also had some of our favourite tapas in an authentic Taperia- some potato salad, tuna, pulpo and a nice and cold salmorejo.

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