What's for dinner?

I was invited to give Smartmat a try, an inspired Belgian food delivery service that brings food, recipes and a healthy view on food together, right to your doorstep. We got 5 meals for 4 persons, so we invited people over to help us try out this ingenious service.
I like it because the food is in the exact quantities, so no waste, it is bio where possible and it makes you try things you maybe would not put on your normal week meal plan.
Although I enjoy making meal plans for our family, it was a nice change to have everything delivered to your door without having to think about it.
No shopping, no thinking, no waste - and great home made balanced healthy food and all made well under 40 minutes. Great for an uninspired week, for busy moms and it beats take out any day.
For more information, check out: www.smartmat.be
(And I was happy as a kid when the door bell rang and the bags with all the goodies arrived - that counts for something too in my book)

This post is in partnership with smartmat