Waffles & Inspiration

Saturday I went to my very first blogger event. It was organised by Brussels Food Friends, a food blogger community with a very international background and very enthusiastic women behind it.
They hosted it at the Hotel Bloom, a very trendy design hotel that features its very own waffle truck in their breakfast area. Of course we had to check that out. As I said, it was my first time so I did not really know what to expect from a blogger community. Blogging has always been a very natural and personal thing for me, I have never talked to other bloggers, but it was in fact very eye-opening and interesting to talk and see other bloggers. 
I especially enjoyed the inspirational talk of Miss Foodwise about creating your visual identity. It made me think about how growing and developing my little blog a bit more. It all comes down to asking yourself the right questions and then acting on it. Maybe a wise life lesson, now I think of it - hmm. Anyways, We had a fun afternoon, met some very nice people and discovered some new blogs to read :) Oh and I also won a very yummie book from one the BXL FF sponsors Luster (I love their books!), ate a gorgeous cake from La cucina Delle Zie and we got a great goodiebag! Already looking forward to the following event! Thank you for organising Brussels Food friends!