First words

I have already shared a few 'firsts' of our daughter with you here on the blog and I will continue to do so as this will also be a 'memoire' for our baby girl and ourselves, a sort of family book/blog.
So here we go with the 'first' words. Her first word was Papa, since papa is her hero and she says the word at least a 1000 times a day. When the phone rings, when she sees a man with glasses, when she sees her grandfather, there is always an enthusiastic PAPA coming out of her mouth. 'Mama' took a while longer, but she says it now frequently to me, especially when she wants something. The kid sure knows how to manipulate already. Ja, hey & dada are also words she uses frequently. She tells whole stories in her own language. When she thinks I am not paying attention to her, sometimes she takes an toy, puts it against her ear and imitates her daddy on the phone, talking & talking, sometimes even for 5 minutes. I watch her silently from a corner in the kitchen - it is so cute and funny to see.
Since we are raising her bilingually, I have the feeling she takes some more time to take all the vocabulary in and especially how to use it. On top of that her ear problem, -she was hearing everything numbed- was not helping. But for the last week (since the tubes in her ears), I have already noticed a change - she talks more and more and tries to imitates words we are saying. Not always the most useful words, but hey - it is progress. The word of the day today was: Hopla!
I have the feeling that once she starts talking real language - she will become a real chatter box.
(euhm and no chicks were harmed in these pictures)