Saint Malo, c'est beau

When I told people I would go for a 3-day retreat to Saint Malo on my own, people said I would feel lost so alone, not knowing what to do with myself. But I already had a sneaking suspicion that I would be fine. Of course I miss my baby & man like crazy, but I don't feel utterly lost (there is Skype and mobile phones and the knowledge that the baby is well taken care of). I sort of feel reconnected with myself after 3 days of pure luxury and pampering (yes, it is a 5-star Thalasso retreat, you can hate me now) and solely focussing on myself. In your every day life you don't get to spend so much time with yourself, to think and to breath clean air and wake up and go to sleep with the sound and the rhythmic movement of the sea. So who am I to complain.
Anyways, I am in Saint Malo, thanks to Elle BelgiĆ«, Atout France and Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo, and it is a very nice walled city in Brittany with a very dramatic coastline.
At low tide there is this tidal swimming pool that appears, lots of little islands that become reachable on foot, forts you can visit, but you have to be very aware of the tide, because it can sneak up on you and then you are trapped. At high tide you better just look out of the window, because she is a wild thing, this sea. The sky and the sea have so many colours and change so quickly, as you will see in the pictures below. I would definitely come back! More about the Thalassotherapie, the hotel and the food in one of the following posts.