Birth Day

A few weeks ago I went with my pregnant friend (so excited for her) to Birth Day, a photo exposition about how the world welcomes its children. I went to the expo because obviously I love babies, but also because I think it is very interesting to see how different cultures experience this life-changing event. There is also a weekly television show about this documentary, but my hubbie doesn't let me watch because otherwise I cry all evening. I am a sucker for babies. But yesterday he was not home, so I watched it, and yes, I cried and I could not stop crying. These poor little babies in such poor circumstances, the image of one little girl being brought into an orphanage, all scared, lonely and upset, haunts me since then. This morning I hugged my petti extra hard. We are so lucky to be born here. And luckily there are good people giving these children another chance in life.
I also won a signed copy of the book, so I was able to read the stories behind the photos at the exhibition. So much poverty in the world, so many children without a future, it makes me really sad but also very grateful for what we have and what we can give our children here.
But in a way, as the photographer says, whatever the circumstances are, whatever part of the world you are in, in a nice clean bed, in a dirty hospital,..., the sentiment of bringing a baby into this world and that split second you see your baby and you make contact with this little person for the first time outside the womb, is the same for every woman. It is more powerful and stronger than anything. I can't even begin to explain. Magic.
(sorry for this sentimental note, it is almost Christmas)


my cutiepie, 19 months ago