Staying in is the new going out

Olivia was a bit under the weather this weekend. And except for going to the doctor (and only because Lolo said I couldn't go like that), we stayed in our comfy clothes all weekend & we did not leave the house. And you know what - it was just fine. We played, took bathes (to relieve Petti's lungs), cooked, snoozed on the sofa and cooked some more. I had so many indoor plans, like blogging, Christmas DIY'ing, making weekly meal plans, make lists of everything and nothing.
But I did nothing, and just an hour ago (it is 00.09) now, I got a boost of energy -  collected the laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, folded laundry, made the weekly meal plan and started blogging. A whole weekend stuffed in an hour. Sometimes an hour is more than 48 hours when you are in the right spirit.