Petti at the Library

Last week the little girl and I went to the library for the first time. I was thinking about for a while now, because Olivia will probably grow up without the feeling of real old-school paper books. If I see now how she plays with the Ipad and how she already has little stories and games, you know that the good old book is something that will disappear more and more. Even I don't actually 'read' a lot of books anymore, I listen to audiobooks. Lolo reads ebooks, so I guess it was important to me to go to the library with Olivia. I remember how much I loved to go to the library and choose the perfect book to read when I was little. She was also excited to be able to choose out of all these books. They had a good selection for 1+ year olds, and even some French ones that Lolo can read to her.