A little Halloween Party

Petti and I had a little Pre-Halloween afternoon with cake (her daddy baked us a pear-almond pie), waffles (from mammie) and orange juice. We like all the pumpkins and bats over here!

 Last Sunday we carved our pumpkins with the drill...soo much easier.
Happy Halloween, spookies!
Here a picture of our Halloween baby exactly 1 year ago

Today is a good day

Saturday was again a spring day in autumn. We took advantage of the 'maybe' last day without jackets and went walking in Antwerp. Just walking around, stopping for coffees and cocktails and knowing that today is a good day. Because we are lucky to have each other.

What we ate

Be ready: it is a long list!
No-bake chocolate chip cookie cheese cake
Tomato soup with ditali and fennel meatballs, served with basil, parmesan and sour cream
Poor man's Paella
Tortellini with Cherry tomatoes and baby spinach
Hit 'n Run chicken in the oven
3L-style breakfast
King of all Burgers - lamb, red onion, gorgonzola, baby spinach
Duck breast with potato pancakes, baked in goose fat
Carrot Mash with bacon
Beef Taco
Porcini with home made tagliatelle
Pumpkin soup with crispy chorizo and croutons
Panzanella style (homemade) spaghetti with mozzarella
Salmon Filo Pie with zucchini and leek
Homemade Porcini and Foie gras ravioli topped with wild mushrooms